Monday, April 25, 2011

Training for St. John again

I'm actually doing it!  I'll do the swim again May 29.  Mom and I are going to St. John to take my dad's ashes since it was his favorite national park he worked in.  I can't believe this blog is still here- thanks, Blogger.

I started swimming again in early March after not doing much all winter, in fact, I've been a slacker for a couple of years compared to what I used to do.  Hard to get to the pool in the winter anyway.  But in March, it was either start swimming again or start taking Prozac.  My girlfriends, when I told them Mom and I were going to St. John, said, "are you doing the swim again?"  To which I replied- NOO!  But it got under my skin and I returned to the pool that afternoon.  And within the throes of my swimmer's high with endorphins raging, I decided, yeah!  I'll do it.  And a few days later I thought "I must be crazy!" I could only do 100 yards and had to stop and pant.   Actually I'm crazy if I don't swim, so this is therapy for me.

So- I've increased yardage and sets over the weeks.  I'm up to doing 500 repeats now and it is going ok... doing about 2000 to 2500 yd each workout, 3 days per week usually.  With this short amount of preparation time I'm opting for the intermediate version of the Beach to Beach Power Swim, just 2 1/4 miles as opposed to the 3.5 mi. long course.  I keep worrying that my competitive side will regret this choice; but to be practical I need to stick to the shorter course.

Mom and I are staying at Maho Bay Camps, will visit with our friend Merry again, and see our former home and haunts.  Our friend Ellen and her husband have raised money for a bench to be placed at L'esperance, our house site, which is now an astronomy viewing platform.  The bench honors my dad, Don Adams, who was park ranger there from 1972 - 1978.

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