Friday, June 03, 2011

I've been looking over the race results; my time in the intermediate course (2 1/4 mi) was 1:05:34 and my pace was 29:08 per mile- I'm very happy with that! I'd figured it would take me 5 min. longer.  As it turns out, there were 9 women in my age group, and one was in the top three overall, so that put me first among the other 8 in the age group.  I see now that I was 5th out of 20 women and 7th out of 34 men and women combined!  Woo hoo.

We had a celebrity in the long course race, Jamie Patrick from California, an ultra distance swimmer who gave a workshop the day before the race and also spoke at the pre race meeting the night before.  He does some crazy long swims. I love how distance swimmers are not too too thin- they have to have a little flotation on to keep from sinking.

Another little celebrity was a teen from Trinidad who is participating in all 4 of the West Indies Bluewater Swim Series in St John, Trinidad, Nevis, and the Turks & Caicos.  She was staying at Maho with her family.  Good luck in your swims Chelsea.

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