Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two weeks to go

I had a good long swim yesterday:  short warm up; then 3 X 1000 yards plus some, so should be just over 2 miles total.  Felt pretty strong, not fast but steady.  Arms began to tire.   Probably not kicking enough.  Sometimes I "drive" with my arms and other times I find I'm driving with my legs- hard to explain, just a mental trick mostly.
I now have 2 weeks until race day.  This week I'll continue with Monday and Wednesday normal swims of long sets like 5 X 500 or some such.  Then next Saturday I'll need to do some more 1000's I guess, then some shortish workouts Monday and Wednesday the 23rd and 24th, fly on the 26th.  Ahhh- the taper, what makes it all worthwhile--  short swims and lots of food.  MMM.
I have trimmed up a bit, sure needed to, and happy to see my muffin top shrinking a little.  I need to keep this up for my physical and mental well being.  Fun to be able to eat plenty and know I'll burn it off.

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