Monday, May 23, 2011

Taper time

Had a pretty crummy swim Saturday due to the pool being too hot again.  Can getting mad while swimming raise the blood pressure and get you even more dehydrated?  I think of Fran Crippen who died during a competition in Greece probably due to hot water temps.  Good thing this race is almost here.  This week I just need to do some short swims perhaps some "sprints" - well, a little faster laps in my case.  I will go today and then I may just wait until Friday to swim again when I get down to Maho Bay.

I joked that I don't act much like an athlete preparing for a competition... but for me swimming is more of a spiritual experience than an athletic one.  I do have to be in good aerobic shape and have good technique, but beyond that it is more for that swimmer's high.  I want to enjoy the water, be around other swimmers, see the gorgeous scenery above and below the surface, and feel that feeling of flying that I get sometimes.  I hope to get in lots of time in the water in the VI.

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