Thursday, May 12, 2011

My SwimP3

The perfect toy for someone who love swimming and music is my little SwimP3 made by Finis.  I'm on my second one now and can't do these longer yardage days without it.  Certain songs work well for swimming and others don't.  I used to collect just songs that had to do with water, swimming, the sea or lake or river.  But now any feel good song is a candidate.  I especially like 3/4 time cuz it sort of matches my stroke.  A favorite is Walk on the Ocean.  Other stuff I have on  there now is Decemberists (several from the last 2 albums), REM, Counting Crows, Richard Thompson and F.C., U2, Sheryl Crow, When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin, Donovan's Atlantis a perennial favorite for swimming, plus several of my friend Allan Watson's songs such as Affirmation Waystation, Dream Slow, All Things Mechanical.  Will add some new ones he sent soon.
I had issues with the thing not playing but it has done better lately, since now I charge it more often and use the reset button to make sure it is off.  Would I wear it in the race?  Nah- might be too tempted to stop and fiddle with settings, and I'll be entertained enough with the goings on and scenery.  Plus I might need to hear the guys in the kayaks yelling at me to look out for the shark.

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