Monday, May 09, 2011

Just 3 weeks from yesterday... and hot pool temps

Saturday I did a good hour swim without many little stops, just to adjust my music player or take a sip of water. I lost count of yardage, but I was doing 500's (400 free + 100 breast) and did at least 5 of those, so I hope I got in about 3000 yards.  I have less than 3 weeks left.

The water is still so hot; I spoke to the YMCA aquatics manager about it Friday and hope they will adjust it down a few degrees soon.  JEEZ it is like swimming through a vat of pea soup.  Pee soup more like it probably... can't go there. How must runners feel on a 95 degree day with high humidity?  It is almost impossible to train for any sort of distance race at this Y.  I know swimmers are a rare breed, but are there no triathletes in Athens?  Apparently I'm the only one to complain.

The Caribbean and Atlantic waters around St. John will be cooler... can't wait.  They'll be warmer than they were in January but as I recall late May was very comfortable.

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