Saturday, February 18, 2006

Friday Feb. 17 - 2nd straight swim

Yesterday was my 2nd non-stop swim, 3200 yd. this time. I did maybe 200 warm up and then began. Counted using "beach2beachpowerswim" (1000 yd) 3 times, plus 200 yd. (orca). The first 1000 took about 15 min., kind of lost track after that. In all, 50 min.

Felt pretty strong, had to tread water a few times to pull my cap back on, did 100 yd breaststroke at end of first 2 1000's. My triceps were yelling. I felt victorious and wanted to shout when I got out. The guards are starting to be amazed by me.

So I can do 3200 straight; 2 months ago I'd not have believed it. Today I doubt I can do 6000 straight by mid May, but in a couple of months, perhaps anything is possible...

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