Sunday, February 26, 2006

Phase 2 starts tomorrow

In Jan. and Feb. I managed to swim usually 3 days a week and increased to 3400 yd. per workout, well once or twice anyway. I did 2 non-stop swims of 2500 and 3200. Friday was a bust; had too good a time with Lynne and Kiki "whining and wining" Thursday night, so missed a workout and was mad at myself. But starting tomorrow I begin the push for longer workouts leading up to 6000 yd by May 13.

Met with Martha and Becky yesterday for lunch at the Northshore Brasserie. We compared packing lists, discussed day sail plans, and talked about other plans for trip. They are up for the bbq after the swim and after their shark activities helping disable my competition. Martha says, Julie remember to act surprised when you win. Just hope they yank out those little kids' snorkels.

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