Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Monday Feb. 13

Did 3200 yards: 500 wu, 3 x 500 free, 1 x 1000, 200. I often spell things to keep up with laps, like my name, or other words, since I forget numbers, and words make it more interesting. My name and St. John Swim are 10 letters (10 laps =500 yard). Whales = 300, dolphins = 400.

Felt pretty good doing the increase, although got home later. On Wed. and Fri. I can get into the pool sooner, I hope. And soon (Mar. 10) the swim team will be finished, so 4 - 6 pm will revert to rec/lap swim. My friend and former coach Debra is the aquatics director; she will swim some then too. I am glad to have a real swimmer as the Y's aquatics person now. Swimmers used to be the last people our Y considered.

I did a few weight machines before my swim; not sure if that is a good idea at this point. I don't know at what point I stop the weights. Made my shoulder a little sore.

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