Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fri. March 3

I don't know how far I swam or even how long I was in the pool. There were 3 of us in 2 lanes and I was on the gutter, so it was choppy and crowded, probably good practice for open water. I kept losing track of laps, couldn't see a clock. Must have done around 3200. Felt really out of touch. Made me think of these lines from Charles Sprawson's Haunts of the Black Masseur: "The swimmer's solitary training, the long hours spent semi-submerged, induce a lonely, meditative state of mind. Much of a swimmer's training takes place inside of his head, immersed as he is in a continuous dream of a world under water. So intense and concentrated are his conditions that he becomes prey to delusions and neuroses beyond the experience of other athletes."