Tuesday, March 07, 2006

swimming in my head

My book about distance swimming by Penny Dean says that 70 to 80 percent of open water swimming is mental. I think each day of training is so mental too. I used to argue more with myself about "should I go to the pool today?" which is better now with this big goal looming, I had better go or else. It helps me to have a sort of disconnect between my head and my body. My head says "I just want to go home and lie down and eat and have a beer." My body says, "come on lets go!" My body is the little kid begging to do stuff and my head is the reluctant but indulgent parent. My head thinks, I want this huge piece of chocolate cake, but body down there don't need it. Head tends to sabotage things for body sometimes. A guest I heard on New Dimensions said to strive for integrating mind, body and spirit. Maybe during a long swim this can happen and all come together.

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