Friday, March 24, 2006

Wed. March 22

Wed. I swam 3500 yds: 800 wu, 1 X 800, 2X400, 4X200, then 300 cool down. Used fins a lot to get done faster. Sarah is doing 6000 yd workouts now, and it is nice to have a fellow swimmer nearby. She is an amazing girl.

Thurs. I found 2 cute swim suits for my trip at Swim and Tri in Knoxville- One is an "Ugly" by Ocean and is mostly poly, and the other is by Illusions, a co. in CA that is making competition style suits in cute tropical prints for half the price of a Speedo. The woman at the store is apparently the new coach for Prime Time, the masters group at UT that I used to swim with some.

Thurs pm we had dinner with friends Doug and Susan, Jan and Dave; Doug and Susan are planning to move back into the area from Boston. I talked to her about her training for the Boston Marathon last year. They run up to 20 mi. in practice (marathon is 28). In swimming it is 6 mi. as the max needed to practice for a distance race. Glad I'm only doing 3 1/2, but I have to practice the whole 9 yards.

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