Friday, March 31, 2006

To do on St. John

A week is already looking too short. Some things I want to do while there:
See where our house used to be, at the top of the L'esperance trail, up on Centerline road overlooking Fish Bay. We would see the Jamaican red tail hawks circling over head. One could see St. Croix on clear days. Our house was a metal pre-fab house sitting on a cistern. No AC of course. Lots of mold, lizards, a beautiful hibiscus bush at the door, a terrific deck.

Hike down to the petroglyphs, rock carvings done by Africans, Caribs, Tainos, Arawaks- I don't think they know for sure. Maybe drive out Bordeaux Mt., highest point on St. John.

Go to Coral Bay for dinner; drive down to Salt Pond Bay, maybe into Lameshur.

Visit Merry at her house, built since I was there last. Have seen pictures; she built it in the style of old island architecture with stone walls and hip roof.

Hike around on Mary Point, Leinster Bay, Cinnamon Bay trail.

Do Cruz Bay, visit a few shops and eat. I'm sure it will have changed a lot.

See the archeological digs going on at Cinnamon.

Swim, snorkel, sail, motor boat, lime on the beach, drink. I need a month.

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