Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday April 24

Swam 5000 yd today: 2000 warmup, some kicking, pulling, 5 X 100 quickly, drills. Then did 2 X 1000, then 500 plus 500 kick. I'm taking a day of leave one hour at a time so I can leave work at 4:00 several days to get the yardage in. Worked great today, got home by 6:45.

I'd have thought with all this swimming I'd be skinnier by now, but there is this pesky 5 lbs or so that isn't going anywhere. I still have thunder thighs and a big booty and tummy. Helpful for flotation.......

Am breaking in my new Speedo poly endurance suit which I hope will stand up to the salt water and the chlorine for a long time. Those lycra suits don't last long.

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