Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sat. April 22

I did 5000 yd Sat. (500 wu, 1750 in 28 min, 700, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100) When I got to the pool the guard said that there was going to be a pool party and he'd have to put in a rope across the middle. I said, I must have a lane I've got to do 5000 yd today. He did give me a lane, and another lap swimmer came in too. I was on the gutter. But I got it done, and it looked like only 17 screaming idiot kids, so they had plenty of room. I resent the Y renting out the pool to parties when people need to do laps.
I heard from Watergrrl that there was a training swim from Maho to Cinnamon today in St John! Can't wait to hear about that. Sure wish I was in those beautiful bays. She lives down there, I'm jealous.


Watergrrl said...

Julie, it was a great day for swimming. About 20 swimmers finished the 1 mile between about 25 and 45 minutes. At Maho, we swim parallel to the beach - avoiding the boating area, then swim along the coast past American point. Around that curve there are some swells but it was very mild. Then you can see Cinnamon and that's it! In 2 weeks there's another training swim, Maho to Trunk.

Julie said...

That's so exciting! I've been hoping to get your report. I will be at a disadvantage with all my pool training. I imagine that the swells will throw me off. Did you have any trouble sighting and finding your way? I guess you have seen on their web site where you can see photos and description of the whole course?
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