Friday, April 14, 2006

Thurs. April 13

I did it- I swam 4700 yards non stop, took 1 hr. 18 min. Counted MahoCinnamonTrunkCay 4 times, then HawksnestBeach once. Felt quite strong, in fact around 3000 or so I wondered if I was having the "runner's high", and was able to finish quite strong. Mr. Red Trunks ( an unfriendly much slower guy) and I were sort of racing around 4500 yd but he never stands a chance. Not bad for being on my period and recovering from a Tues. pm happy hour. I'll go in Sat. and do a short swim to get my 3rd swim in for the week. My girls are coming to dinner that night tho so must keep it short in favor of cleaning and cooking.

One month from today is my final straight swim of 6200 yd. I'll have to do that on graduation day probably. Then I have 2 weeks of taper, then the big day on St. John. The end is in sight.

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